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For questions about ancestors and records in the country of China. The boundaries of China have varied historically. This tag may be used for the previous political entities within the geographical boundaries of present-day or historic China. Also tag the province if the question is specific to that province.

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Researching family/genealogy records in Taiwan and China

My parents are Taiwanese and are reluctant to share or do not know much family history. Much of the information they do share is vague or does not lend itself to searching on the internet using sites ...
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Explaining paternal haplogroup of J2a1b1 for Chinese person?

I'm from Beijing, China. I recently did a DNA test, to my surprise, my paternal haplogroup is J2a1b1. Also, the test shows that I have 2.7% Balkan which is quite amazing. How is that possible? I ...
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Are there any resources for finding your family heritage for foreigners?

I have tried some of the genealogy and ancestry websites to try and build my family tree but have encountered considerable limitations due to the foreign status of most of the families. Let me ...
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Conducting research on Chinese village named P'an Yu, Guangdong Province?

According to audio recordings of my grandfather, he was from a village called Pung Wu, that he said was as large as the city of Vancouver and filled with many shops. I think that he means P'an Yu (...
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How do I research Chinese names that have been Americanized?

My mother's side is entirely Chinese. They immigrated to Canada in the 1950's from Guangdong province. I only know the Americanized spelling and pronunciation of her family name 'Young' and have not ...
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