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Questions tagged [complex-families]

Multiple marriages, step children, adoptions and other extended family scenarios

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Incestual representation in genealogy tree

I am far from an expert when it comes to genealogy but I just had a random thought. How do you deal with complex incestual relationships in genealogy when trying to represent a family tree. A father ...
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How is it possible that my ancestor left the workhouse so quickly with a baby?

I am still researching my 2x great-grandmother. Ann Norah O'Brien BIRTH ABT 1860 • St Pancras, Middlesex, England DEATH 16 JAN 1923 • Exeter, Devonshire, England, United Kingdom She had 5 ...
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Did my potential ancestor lie about his wife dying so that he could marry again?

I am researching my 2x great-grandmother. Her life has been quite the mystery. Ann Norah O'Brien Birth ABT 1860 • England Death 16 JAN 1923 • Exeter, Devonshire, England, United Kingdom She married ...
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Should I mark a divorced family as Married or No-married?

In Gramps, I can mark the family type as Unknown, Married, No-married or Civil union. When the 2 parents was married but are now divorced, should I mark the family as married (they are no more ...
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Organizing ancestors' "circle of cousins"

Background: I would like to focus on the set of people who are first cousins of (my) ancestors at each available level of the hierarchy. This helps me check contemporary family activities, vetting ...
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With generations of multiple marriages and step children, how is this family relationship described? [duplicate]

I'm not sure is this is the right SE to ask but I'll ask non the less. I'm trying to define a family relationship. I think the person is my step step first cousin once removed. My my Grand-Father is ...
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