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Questions tagged [court-records]

For questions about records produced by the courts, relating to either criminal or civil matters. For criminal records not pertaining to the courts use the criminal-records tag instead.

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Finding details of ancestor's trial at Chester Assizes in 1847

Are there any web-sites with English criminal records from 19th century available?
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What does dism. or dismt. stand for in Orphan court record, does it relate to being of legal age?

In the journal Southside Virginian Volume: VI page 129 reads in part: Orphans Docket to August Court 1764: Guardian: Jordan Knight; Orphan: Richd. Knight; Of Whom: John Knight; Aug 1764: dism. What ...
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Petty Sessions Court Registers, Dublin, Ireland, 21/02/1873

Ireland, Dublin, Drumcondra: Petty Sessions Court Registers Image 21/02/1873. Interested in understanding script on top under particulars of order or dismissal column as indicated/marked up for ...
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Where can I find more detailed prison records - Stroud, England?

My great-grandmother was an illegitimate child and it's not clear if the man her mother later married is her father or not. Winifred Lyida O'Brien BIRTH 30 OCT 1896 • Stroud, Gloucestershire, ...
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Understanding process by which People of Color in Georgia got freedom?

While doing Genealogical Research on my Family, I came across records that listed my Ancestors as "People of Color" registering yearly in their hometown at the Courthouse. How did they get their ...
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What does "Discharged by Proclamation" mean?

The Nottingham Review for August 1819 reports that a young woman charged with the murder of her bastard child, lately delivered, was discharged by proclamation. I guess this means she was seen as ...
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Finding 1907 New York City arraignment results?

In searching my great grandfather, I came across an article in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (6/16/1907) of the arrest of a man with the same name (Harry Farson - not sure if they are one in the same yet, ...
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Reading entry from Quarter Sessions Order Book of Dorset, England 1682-1693?

The clipped image below comes from the Dorset, England, Quarter Sessions Order Books, 1625-1905 via Name: Arthurus Bewsey Event Date: 1682-1693 Event Place: Dorset, England ...
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What does "ads" stand for in a Chancery Court record index?

I found the following index page at Family Search: I would like to know what "ads" stands for in the unlabeled column and what it implies. Does it stand for "administrator"and imply that that person ...
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Allegheny County, Lilly PA, April 1924 List of those Involved in KKK & Residents Clash

I am finding evidence that a distant cousin may have participated in or been an organizer of the Lilly, PA Klu Klux Klan incident where 400 armed Klan members attempted a cross burning in the town and ...
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Where to find records relating to Great Britain's Black Act?

Family story indicates that a John Edmonds, born about 1716 in Wales, was banished to America about 1732 for "dogging a pet deer". Supposedly, he settled around Jamestown, Virginia. Having recently ...
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Making your first trip to a courthouse

I am lucky enough to live within an hour's drive of a Texas county that is significant to my family history. I hear many people talk about going to the courthouse for research, but I still find it ...
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How do I obtain historical Articles of Incorporation in California?

I am trying to discover the individuals who originally founded the Green Investment Company in San Francisco. Some searching online revealed that they filed their Articles of Incorporation on Tuesday, ...
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Where are Illinois County Court records archived?

According to the Illinois State Genealogical Society newsletter, between 1867 and 1964, adoptions were handled by the County Courts, which were abolished in 1964. Where does one look now for ...
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