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Questions tagged [death-records]

For questions about documents pertaining to a person's death, including death certificates, registers and indexes.

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Significance of registration by Registrar General versus Assistant District Registrars in New South Wales

I've just received a death certificate for someone I believe to be one of my ancestors from the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. All the other NSW certificates that I have from around the ...
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Is there a meaning in a name marked on the rear of a headstone rather than the front?

I have found a family headstone with the names of the deceased on the front (with many details), and a military cross (for their son) in front of the stone. On the rear of the stone is a name and age, ...
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Obtaining Death Certificate Argentina

My Russian Grandfather escaped in 1948 on a ship to Buenos Aires, I have located the passengers list, his name, Cámara Nacional Electoral in Buenos Aires confirms his registration and official ...
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Locating autopsy results for suicide in NYC in 1931?

Has anyone had any success in obtaining a police file or coroner's report from the 1930's? I am having difficulty finding out if those records were destroyed or not. If not, I cannot find any place ...
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Seeking death record for Jacob Schulthess who died in Wangen an der Aare prison in Switzerland?

Looking for the death record for Jacob Schulthess who died in Wangen an der Aare prison sometime between 1894 - Oct 1899 I am told he was sent to prison for accidentally shooting his mother in law ...
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India death records from c.1947?

I have a relative who lived in India later in life but am struggling to identify exactly when he died. He was British but was in Punjab, India by 1911 (he appears on the UK 1911 census as he was in ...
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Finding ancestor Nathan Cohen who was born in Russia and immigrated New York City 1900-1905?

My Great Great Grandfather Nathan Cohen was born in Russia. He had a wife Lissie Bernstein with whom he had a daughter Minnie, born in Vilna sometime around 1886. Lissie died about 2 years later in ...
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Turkish Doctor death report for Neil MacNeill Campbell died 1895, Hasskeni, Turkiye

How would I obtain access to the death record of Neil MacNeil Campbell died 25 October 1895, physician presiding Dr. Kanas. Turkish law usually required parents name on doctor’s report. I have the ...
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Irish birth in Cork 1835

My 3x great grandfather was born in Mallow, Cork in 1835 and became a seaman. He apprenticed in Padstow, Cornwall until 1850 and then worked on ships mostly out of Liverpool where he had a family and ...
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Deciphering hospital location on death certificate from 1977

I am trying to decipher this hospital location where my Great Grandmother died: I know it is in Salisbury but I am try to: Work out the correct name. Attempt to locate it online resource mentioning ...
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Is Sarah M. Robinson's mother Anna Strong really Eleanor Denton?

The 1885 Detroit, Michigan, death certificate of Sarah M. Robinson (b. c. 1812, New York) lists her as the daughter of James Strong and Anna Strong, both born in New York. She is buried in Elmwood ...
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How would you search for an obituary for someone with a common name?

My dearest friend died recently in March 2021, but he has a common 1st, middle, and last name. All three could be considered as basic first names. I have made endless and extensive searches, and ...
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Learning more about father than just his name

I have my biological father's name and that is all. He and my mother were never married. He was born somewhere in Colorado around the turn of the 20th century. My investigation turned up three men ...
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Finding German birth record for Heinz Gunther Edward Curdt in early 20th Century?

I have been extensively researching my family ancestry. My grandfather is German and moved to England at age 7 around 1950-1952. I do not believe his father moved to England with him as he never knew ...
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Determining Alexander Mokowich's death date (after 1920), possibly in Massachusetts?

Alexander Mokowich was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in 1917. He was listed in a WWI military record and in a 1920 census in Pittsfield, but not in the 1930 census. When was his death date? His ...
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