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Finding UK deportation records for 1923 for Julius Brust

Julius Brust was Russian by birth. He was convicted in 1923 of arson and Served 4 years imprisonment in UK, and then deported to Poland. Where can I find records of that deportation?
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Deportees from Australia to UK early 1900's

I am trying to confirm the claim that a relative was deported form Australia back to UK in the early 1900's. I can find any number of sources for people being transported from UK to Australia but ...
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When was Paul Theodore Spranger deported back to Germany?

Paul Spranger was a German waiter born Brandenberg, Germany September, 1871. He married Eliza Emma Fisher in London 1908 and they had a daughter Pauline Theodora in 1909. I believe Paul was interned ...
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Deportees to the Baragan Steppe, 1950s

Is there a public record that lists the names of the people who were sent to Baragan Steppe? On June 17th, 1951, 9413 people from a security zone in Romania that bordered Yugoslaviawere were ...
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