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Dixie Kiefer died on a mountain. Should I include the mountain's name in the place of death?

I discovered this weekend that Dixie Kiefer is my first cousin three times removed. Dixie was a well known, respected, and battered Navy commander. After surviving the sinking of the Yorktown and at ...
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13 votes
3 answers

Has a modern genealogy been traced back to a biblical person?

I have heard claims that people have traced their genealogy back to King David of the Old Testament. But I've also heard that most (if not all) have major gaps or assumptions in the lineage. Is there ...
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When documenting location, should my or their native language be used for place names?

When I'm documenting the place where an event occurred, should I write the name in my own language or in the native language of the place? For example: Spain or España I am assuming that I can only ...
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49 votes
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When documenting location, should current or historical place names be used?

When I am documenting records, do I use the name of a city or country as it is called today or as it was in the year an ancestor was there? Related to: When documenting place names, should I write ...
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