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For questions about the county of Dorset in the south-west of England, known archaically as Dorsetshire.

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Finding information about Brick Kiln - Motcombe - Dorset

My 2nd Great Grandmother's birth certificate arrived today. She was born in 1858 and according to the entry the place of birth was: Brick Kiln, Motcombe The registration district was Shaftesbury ...
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Meaning of “dofhoadayne” in 1648 Will of William Noake from Longburton, Dorset, England?

The man I believe to be my 9th great grandfather William Noake wrote his Will on 2 Jan 1648 at Longburton, Dorset, England, and a cropped image from very near the beginning of that document appears ...
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1 answer

Lunacy diagnosis plus a number - what does it mean?

One of my ancestors was a patient at Herrison Hospital, Dorset, in 1911. Looking at the census records for the hospital, alongside the word "Lunatic" is a number. In his case it is 43, and other ...
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Why was Flossie baptised twice (1898,1903) at Stalbridge, Dorset, England?

On 6 September 1903, Flossy Maud Mary Ann Mogg was baptised in Stalbridge Parish Church, Dorset England. Her birth date was given as 10 December 1897, and her parents as Walter Mogg (Farmer) and his ...
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2 answers

Explaining migration around 1800 between Somerset, Devon and Dorset?

My 3rd great grandmother Priscilla Chichester was born illegitimate on 22 Sep 1796 and christened on 16 Oct 1796 at Branscombe, Devon: Priscilla Chichester, d. of Martha Noak [illeg.] (d. of Israel ...
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Does this headwear tell me anything about the individual wearing it?

This image of a member of the Women's Institute in Dorset at a Christmas Party around 1953 shows a woman wearing a very distinctive head-dress. All the other women in the picture are bare-headed or ...
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How should I refer to this church in a citation

I need to cite a baptism that took place at Sherborne Abbey in Dorset, England. The Dorset Page for Sherborne refers to "The Abbey Church of St. Mary (Sherborne Abbey)". In my citation (constructed ...