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Use this tag for records created or events happening in the English Civil War 1642 - 1651 and subsequent Commonwealth 1649-1653 and Protectorate 1653-1659. Record keeping was significantly disrupted during this period so it can be hard to research.

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How were absentees recorded on the Protestation Returns?

The Protestation Returns of 1641/2 are currently being digitised and made freely accessible on the UK Parliament website. My understanding is that for each parish the oath was performed by everybody ...
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Who was William Chittel (Chettle) of Studley?

A friend owns an English lantern clock with the inscription "Wm Chittel of Studly". The clock dates to about 1635, and probably before 1642 as it is decorated with a ring of flowers that was used ...
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Looking for article on Edith Cromwell / Oliver Cromwell

I have an ancestor born Edith Cromwell.  Many people believe that she was a close relative of the famous Oliver Cromwell.  But long ago, I read a convincing article in a genealogy magazine claiming ...
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