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Use for questions about ethnicity estimates based on DNA

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Does 25% Spanish mean grandparent was born in Spain?

I took a DNA test through Ancestry; it shows I'm 44% Indigenous America's Mexico and 25% Spanish. These are the main percentages, there are many others! I'm wondering about the Spanish component. Does ...
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DNA origins on Ancestry

About 6 months ago I had my DNA tested through Ancestry and am currently building my family tree. In my DNA origins it is showing, on my paternal side, that my ancestors 100% originated in East Mayo ...
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Close relatives who share no ethnicity?

How can I be closely related with someone who shares no ethnicity with me? I have multiple matches on with whom I share absolutely no ethnic groups. One of these matches is at 145cM and ...
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Nearly identical ethnicity inheritance?

I did the testing through Ancestry, and according to the Ethnicity Inheritance graph (the donut), my parents have nearly identical proportions of Scottish (30% 27%), Irish (10% and 9%), and England/...
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Might 3.46% American Native DNA come from 10 generations back?

If DNA shows 3.46% American Native, then how far back in generations did it come from? I am told it was from a 10 generations back.
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DNA.Land vs AncestryDNA

I received results back from DNA.Land. Northwest European Includes: Scottish Argyll_Bute_GBR and British in England; Icelandic in Iceland; Norwegian in Norway and Orcadian in Orkney Islands Does not ...
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Interpreting ethnicity from DNA testing

Ancestry DNA testing confirmed that I am 23% Chinese. My mother has no Chinese DNA. My fathers mother has no Chinese DNA. Does that mean my father is 50% Chinese and his father is 100% Chinese? ...
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How could I be 10% French when there's no French in my mother or father's DNA results?

Ancestry DNA says I'm 10% French. My father never got tested, but my half sister and cousin on my father's side (who were both identified by the site) both tested as 100% European Jewish. My ...
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Which type of DNA test could help spot ancestry from father's great-grandmother?

My father and his sisters have claimed that their great-grandmother was of a different race from the rest of my family. I've tried 23andMe, and I didn't see any interesting results at 3% of my ...
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Understanding West Eurasian DNA when no European ancestry?

A DNA land and GenePlaza DNA test reports that I am 73% South Asian, 24% Central Asian and 2.8% Mediterranean Islander. It then concludes that I'm mostly West Eurasian. How is this possible when I ...
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DNA results from Ancestry

A friend of mine took a DNA test with a while back. Now I (a trained mathematician) am being asked to help interpret the results, and I am finding myself totally out of my depth. The ...
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Finding out the ethnicity of your DNA matches?

I've seen people discussing things like "I'm English but I have a bunch of Polish matches" with regard to DNA genealogy. How exactly do you go about finding the ethnicity of your matches? By ...
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