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For questions about ancestors in the continent of Europe. For questions only about one or several specific European countries, tag the country instead. Use for general questions related to this continent that do not fit into specialized sub-categories like countries or ethnic groups.

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How many years back are these Gedmatch European matches?

I got many matches on the Gedmatch website that are from the same heritage background (Irish/English/Dutch/German/Spanish/French). The total cM of shared DNA runs from 10 to 32 cM. The most common ...
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Finding biological father and half siblings in Spain using DNA?

I am 56 years old and I recently received negative paternity results from a spanish court appointed lab in Sevilla , Spain regarding half siblings, biological father is deceased. My mother will not ...
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GDPR and genealogy

I have been trying to understand looking in internet how General Data Protection Regulation affects genealogical research and if there is any extra precaution that is required, however, no blog or ...
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Is everyone of European ancestry actually descended from Muhammad and Charlemagne?

According to this article in The Atlantic back in May 2002, The mathematical study of genealogy indicates that everyone in the world is descended from Nefertiti and Confucius, and everyone of ...
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Origin of surname Шцмоняк

My paternal grandfather is the oldest person I know anything about who had the name. He was born in Rosiska (the obituaries disagree about whether that is in Czechoslovakia or Ukraine). He passed away ...
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Did my European family member immigrate to the United States?

American genealogists usually come to a point when an ancestor immigrated and they have to figure out the exact place of origin. In Europe however, we often have disappearing siblings (disappearing ...
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Is surname Ede of Northern European origin and rare in England?

I am trying to identify my British great-grandfather. I have investigated him in Japan and narrowed the candidates down to eight. I then checked those eight candidates in detail; seven of them seem ...
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Do we have more female than male ancestors?

I have read a claim in several sources, including a New York Times article by John Tierney, that we have more female ancestors than male ancestors. "Citing recent DNA research, Dr. Baumeister ...
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Age of surnames in German region?

browsing through stories likes these, I was just wondering if there are books or websites or other kind of sources that make it possible to see when a certain surname appears the very first time in a ...
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European participant lists for the crusades?

I have been doing some looking around and with many of histories events (Medieval Times in general, Inquisitions, Wars, Fires, Low Literacy, Lack of Printing Press, Plagues, etc) are there any lists ...
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How to find a passenger who left NYC to europe around 1885-1913.

How to find a passenger manifest who left New York City to Europe around 1885-1913? I know he arrived to New York City, and there are 4 records at Ellis Island of people who would match him almost ...
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Were 19th century Austro-Hungarians in Sweden or Swedes in Austria-Hungary (Carpathian Mts)? [closed]

I am researching a family that I strongly believe has Carpatho-Rusyn roots, at least on one side. However, I have not been able to find any birth information for any of the children, their parents, or ...
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Tracing Romanian & Hungarian ancestry?

My soon to be wife is Romanian, I would like to add her family to my tree so that any future children will have a more complete tree rather than just Dad's side. My issue is that her mother is the ...
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Researching ancestors of someone adopted from Hungary?

One of my close living relatives was adopted from Hungary at the age of two, in 1991. Unfortunately, the only real information we currently have is the full name of her birth mother and her city of ...
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Seeking birth record for Ellen/Elinor, wife of John Billington, who arrived on Mayflower?

What is known about the Mayflower passenger Ellen/Elinor Billington? Specifically, what was her maiden name and who were her parents? She was the wife of John Billington and mother of Francis ...
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Name selection practices driven by the Napoleonic Code

The Napoleonic code was a consistent body of law adopted in many parts of the Europe (and other places) that were conquered by Napoleon I. These laws covered, among other things, property rights and ...
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Where can I find Jewish Historical Information Pre WWII in Europe?

I am looking for a site/records for information on Jewish History in Europe of pre WWII era. Mainly of birth and marriage records from Poland.
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