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"Information that is relevant to the problem." [Mills, Evidence Explained, 2007]

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3 answers

Is there anything wrong with using small DNA segment matches as evidence?

Many people find relationships with other people that they only share a small amount of DNA with, e.g., 10 cM or less. They then, after researching the other person's tree, find a common ancestor and ...
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Is a 12 CM 1 segment match better evidence for a common ancestor if it's otherwise unlikely?

Early in my research, I had guessed that the Samuel Price listed in the 1850 census for Minersville, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania (my gg-grandfather's brother) was the same person as Samuel Price ...
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Handling theories in Genealogy Software?

I happen to use Family Tree Maker, but I don't think my question is software specific. I am using cluster genealogy to solve a particularly difficult problem. As a part of this process, I have ...
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Using signature comparison as genealogical evidence?

Often when I am clutching at straws to determine the relationship between individuals or families, I will compare signatures from the relevant documents. There is an inherent bias in my interpretation ...
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How do you record fuzzy facts?

Most of my prior genealogy research was based on family records. Very little of it came from hard sources like census records. Some folks would claim that what I have is not genealogy, but folklore. ...
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What are some of the main conventions used in Gramps?

As I have started recording my family history using evidence based methods in Gramps I've noticed that it is very flexible (too flexible?). I worry that the method in which I record data might seem ...
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Is the IGI a derivative of primary evidence or an original of secondary evidence?

Looking at the BCG's "Skillbuilding: Guidelines for Evaluating Genealogical Resources", I note that derivative sources may include "transcripts, abstracts, and notes produced from viewing the original ...
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The vicar didn't record the baptised child's name! Now what?

In my in-laws tree, there is an ancestor Robert Judson, son of James Judson who was baptised in Haworth, Yorkshire, 11 July 1736. I haven't found an obvious candidate for James yet, but I did find a ...
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Managing the Multiple Maybes

My question is related to this previous question, but I think I'm looking for a rather different answer because I'm not sure a second software genealogical software package is what I'm looking for. It'...
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Statistical Genealogy, or Knowing what is an extraordinary claim

It is often said in genealogy (or any field of research, really) that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. Fair enough. But how does one know what is an extraordinary claim? We can ...
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9 votes
2 answers

How can I archive emails and web pages in an easy fashion?

In about every genealogy program I can enter sources with an author, title, date, and text, but no matter where I look, this always means that I have to fill out some big form, and that's something I ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Should I ignore possible family information because it far too precise for its age?

I ran across this info on a possible family member, but it seems far too precise for a 250+ year old large family. Does it make sense to ignore possible family information because it far too precise ...
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13 votes
3 answers

Could these three personae be collapsed to a single individual?

I believe that the following represents a plausible case to describe the life of one man. William Harley (3) Married Margaret Heathwood(e) in Brisbane, Queensland 22 September 1863 (Reg# 1863/B671) ...
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Commencing local historical society genealogy?

I'm new to all this. My local small-town historical society is interested in capturing the local history genealogy (and tying it to its small artifacts collection). It seems most genealogy software ...
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How should I record unsuccessful searches (that may constitute negative evidence)?

How should I record the fact that I have performed a search in a certain dataset and came up empty-handed? As an example: I search for Person X in the New Hampshire Marriages index on Family ...
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2 answers

Correctly identifying individual who goes by multiple names?

This question is general to all inquiries where a person has differing last names in multiple records. In my particular case, I am researching my 3rd great grandfather Simon Zoller (1840-1902) and I ...
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33 votes
10 answers

Transitioning from person-based genealogy to record-based genealogy?

When we start genealogy we know the persons who are closest to us in time so we are comfortable using software where each person record is a unique "conclusion" person. We create a person record for ...
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Confirming parentage of Mary (1771? - 1851) wife of John James in Llanfair Nant Y Gof, Pembrokeshire, Wales?

Llanfair Nant Y Gof is a rural parish in Pembrokeshire, consisting of scattered farms and a single mill, plus a couple of "big houses". There is no village as such. The population in 1800-1820 was ...
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Why do historical and genealogical scholars differ in their approach to classifying sources?

Historical scholars classify sources as "primary" or "secondary." Princeton University, "What is a primary source" Library and Archives Canada, "Toolkit: Defining Primary and Secondary Sources" ...
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Ephemera as evidence?

Wondering what the status of ephemera is given in genealogy? Like a dance ticket or dance card, Grandma's recipes, Valentine cards stored in a scrapbook, Grandpa's receipt for a carwash, etc. ...
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11 answers

What tools exist for collecting and managing evidence?

There are lots of standalone software packages as well as websites which appear to be primarily based on a pedigree view - start from me and work my way back. These systems seem to take the view that ...
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8 answers

What is the difference between evidence and information?

What is evidence? I have piles and piles of historical records, old letters, e-mails, all of which provide details about my family. Is all of the information contained in these documents evidence?...
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