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A library located in Salt Lake City, Utah that is run by FamilySearch.

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Where Do I Start [duplicate]

I’ve been thinking about trying to look up any family history or any info on both my parents families but I just do not know where to start, where do I look, what do I look for.
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Duplicate Identities and Persons and Incorrect Records

How do I discover the cause of and fix duplicate records on Ancestry, and on FamilySearch? How do I find the true dates and places of life events, the true names of people, and their true relation ...
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Making a plan for using German civil records in the Family History Library?

This is a follow-up to a previous question Finding online parish records for churches in Werdau, Saxony, Germany. One of the answers said that a search of the town's records yield better results. At ...
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What New York City vital records are covered by this index on FamilySearch?

When records have been extracted and indexed, but the images are not available online, how can I find out more information about how the index was made, and what fields were on the original records? ...
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Which FHL microfilms are available to view online?

My research subjects are two sisters who lived in College Point, Queens, NY. For the sister who died in 1902, I have the date of death and certificate number from the collection "New York City, ...
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Are there checklists or templates made for visiting the Family History Library in Salt Lake City?

I am on my first research trip to Salt Lake City and my first few days in the FHL has been quite a learning experience. I watched the into video and met a number of very friendly, helpful volunteers ...
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How do I plan a research trip?

I intend to visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. I know already that they allow Flip-Pal Scanners, so I will bring mine, plus my laptop which contains all of my genealogical ...
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Where are the NYC vital records on FamilySearch?

In an answer to a question about New York records, efgen said: The NYC birth index is actually available through 1965 on microfilm. However, only the indexes through 1909 are currently available ...
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How helpful will joining my local Genealogical Society be if my family research is in a distant location?

I live in Oklahoma (USA), but all of my family research begins in Massachusetts (USA), then moves back from there to New Hampshire, Canada, and England. Will joining my local Genealogical Society ...
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Why did my Uncle's Death Certificate Not Appear in the Family History Library's Archives?

In 1987, an uncle, one of my Dad's siblings, disappeared without leaving any word of his whereabouts. At the time, he lived in Denver, Colorado. Fast forward to 1998, I left the military and took a ...
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