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Questions tagged [family-legend]

For questions regarding how to verify a story passed down through the family.

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11 votes
2 answers

Where do I look for a woman who vanished for 17 years?

Cornelia Wilkins (nee MEDWELL) (1877-1952) gave birth to her second child in Northamptonshire (UK) in the first quarter of 1908. She does not appear in the 1911 Census. Her husband is recorded in the ...
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10 votes
5 answers

Merchant marine - how to research people who worked on ships?

I am researching a relative who disappears from conventional genealogical records. He married and fathered children regularly until his wife died but does not appear in census records with his family ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Finding names of merchant mariners working on ships between Hamburg & Chile 1906-1913?

My grandfather Michael Reid told us that he had been on ships carrying saltpetre from South America and that he had been based in Hamburg for a period. I should like to find the names of ships he ...
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Did uncle of Grace Martin Wills (or perhaps of Matthew Nettell) own the Gosforth?

Quite a detailed story of the arrival of my 2nd great grandparents Matthew Nettell and Grace Martin Wills in South Australia came down to me via my late mother. The story, as I recall it, says: ...
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Was Robert John Steven Sellers first to cycle Adelaide to Melbourne?

My 2nd great grandfather Robert John Steven Sellers has been mentioned in an earlier question: Finding New York City/State records relating to Sellars family (British subjects) births/deaths mid 19th ...
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