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Questions tagged [family-tree]

For questions about visually representing data in a way that reflects the parent-child and spousal relationships of a group of people.

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Different colours for daughters and daughter-in-laws in Gramps Relationship graph

I have just very recently begun with genealogy and just started using Gramps. I have collected a lot of information about the family and want to show it through a relationship graph. In that, I would ...
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5 votes
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Layout setup for Descendant tree in Gramps

Is there any way to change the layout of the graph created through the Descendant tree report in Gramps? All the elements are aligned to the top of the page, I would like a middle alignment. Here an ...
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Showing Adopted Name and Birth Name on Family Tree

My biological parents gave birth to 9 children. When my birth father died, the 4 youngest children (including me) were put up for adoption and our names were changed. (4 different adoptive families) ...
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Identifying maternal grandfather using DNA

I have recently started the process of grouping my DNA matches on my mother’s side. It's starting to look like the man I thought was my grandfather may not be. I don't have my mother’s DNA but I have ...
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Can niece not connect to my paternal line but her daughter connects to my maternal and paternal side?

My niece is a dna match 2112 cM over 80 segments. She only matches on my maternal side of the family. Her daughter is a dna match of 1118 cM over 46 segments. She matches both my maternal and paternal ...
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