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Questions tagged [finance]

Use for questions about banking, credit, and other historical records involving money, including the transfer of money between friends or family members.

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Comparing currency in different time periods?

In the question How to order copies of English wills (post-1858)? I used as examples these two Probate Calendar entries, which are for a husband and wife. At the bottom I added some notes about the ...
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Converting historic pounds, shillings and pence (£sd) to modern worth?

On other genealogy sites I often see people ask "what would £X be worth today" questions, and I never really have a good answer. Particularly with UK probate records becoming more accessible, it is ...
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Transfering money between England and New South Wales (Australia) in 1850s?

I have the original Accounts Rendered document prepared in London, England for my GX3 Grandmother Mrs Kate Fitzmaurice and dated April 1851. This document shows the distribution of the estate of her ...
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How to order copies of English wills (post-1858)?

I have the following entry from the National Probate calendar and would like to find the will: ELLIOTT Augusta of The Myrtles Slapton near Kingsbridge Devonshire widow died 17 April 1947 Probate ...
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Historical records of money transfers for emigration (Remittance) from England?

A Wikipedia article defines Remittance as: A remittance is a transfer of money by a foreign worker to an individual in his or her home country. In a city directory from New England dated 1876, ...
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