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Seeking info on 307 N. Palmetto Ave. Green Cove Springs Florida

I was born in the naval hospital in Jacksonville, Fla. in 1959 and lived at 307 1/2 Palmetto Avenue. I have looked at every map, website etc. and I cannot find anything at that address. My military ...
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1 answer

Finding birthparents for 1957 Florida adoptee?

My mother was adopted but i have no information to find her birth parents, what should i do to find them? She was born in 1957 in Florida that's all I know. I do not know any other details except the ...
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Seeking the mtDNA raw data or actual results for the Windover Bog Site Mummies

The DNA indicated Asian origin and a rare haplogroup, X. Windover Pond is one of a number of sites in Florida excavated since 1970 that have led to a major reassessment of the Archaic period in ...
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