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Questions tagged [fraternal-organization]

A fraternal (meaning "of or like a brother or brothers") organization, organization, or simply "fraternity" is an organized men's society / group / club associated together in an environment of companionship and brotherhood; dedicated to the intellectual, physical, and social development of its members or political cause. They usually share a common belief or occupation, and more recently some have branches of them for women.

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Researching Masonic membership

My great uncle's name etc: Louis Napoleon Senor Born in Pysely Czechoslovakia July, 21, 1883 Died Sept 28, 1937 Cemetery: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Jennings Avenue, Patchogue, Suffolk County, New York ...
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Identifying freemason regalia from New York

I just found out that my late grandfather was a Freemason. I know he was with the grand lodge of New York. I even have his membership number. I am mostly curious about his regalia. He has some ...
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Determining if ancestor was freemason in Pennsylvania

All my life my dad and grandfather told me that my 2nd great grandfather was a Freemason, His name was Solomon Leighty he lived 1840 till 1885 in Westmoreland county Pennsylvania. He lived in or near ...
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Meaning of Mermaid Ring?

My grandfather owned a ring that we have recently identified as a mermaid ring with his initials (WCJ) on the top in an "oriental" font that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s: Did rings like this ...
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What is San Francisco lodge- No. 2, K. R. A?

What is San Francisco lodge- No. 2, K. R. A? This title was found and copied from the obit for my great grandfather Adam Farnlacher who passed in San Francisco in November 1908.
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Interpreting a Freemasons' Lodge Register

According to the records available on Ancestry, Edward Harper of Kidderminster joined the Lodge of Hope and Charity on 30 April 1836 aged 35 (so born approx 1801, which ties up with the 1841 census ...
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What lodge did my grandfather belong to?

What lodge did my grandfather Jac C Holman belong to in New York State in the twentieth century? Does that lodge currently accept women in the twenty-first century?
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How should I record membership in a fraternal organization?

What's the best, or most standard, way to record membership in a fraternal organization in GEDCOM? The closest tag I could find in the list of GEDCOM 5.5 tags on
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California Freemason Records

I have been told that my great-grandfather was a Mason in California, and that it is possible to request such records. I have no information on how to actually do that, and haven't had much success. ...
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Where to donate records related to South Australian United Ancient Order of Druids?

When my father passed away, among his possessions were some items related to The South Australian United Ancient Order of Druids. He had been its Secretary in Moonta (South Australia) for many years ...
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Determining if family member was Freemason in 1800s?

I've been increasingly interested in freemasonry, and I'm curious if one of my great grandfathers was a member. Is there any way to determine this? I'm relatively sure if I have any, it dates back ...
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What does O.S. K.U.V stand for on a headstone?

I'm looking at the headstone picture shown on this page: Which has an O.S. K.U.V. symbol with two hands shaking. The grave is ...
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Finding out which Freemasons' lodge ancestor belonged to?

I know my grandfather was a Freemason, but I don't know which order/lodge he was associated with. Short of contacting every lodge in the state, how can I find out? Are there records of this sort of ...
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