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Questions regarding early stage/re-staged work; the basics

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Where Do I Start [duplicate]

I’ve been thinking about trying to look up any family history or any info on both my parents families but I just do not know where to start, where do I look, what do I look for.
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Where to begin with British, French, and Belgian ancestry?

I have just recently began my search to find my family history. I traced back using the family tree app my great, great, great great Grandfather; Benoit (Benedict) Spennewyn, but cannot seem to get ...
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What name birth or step

In my life, I have never been known by my birth name, only by my step name. In my marriage, both birth and step names are recorded, my children are recorded in my step name. I want to start a family ...
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Getting started with Guatemala family history?

My daughter Elida married a young man from Guatemala and I have no information about where he came from. My daughter passed away a few months ago leaving 2 little children. I want to find his famiy ...
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Looking into Maltese ancestry?

My dad is Maltese (from Malta) and I cannot seem to find much information, at least not in my free research so far. Where should I start? I'm looking for my dad's family's names really, not ...
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Wanting to trace family online? [duplicate]

I want to trace my family but am limited on funds. What is the best way to trace my lineage online?
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Tracing Japanese ancestor who immigrated to Hawaii?

I am a 1/4 Japanese. My mom is half and my Grandmother full. My Great-grandmother was full Japanese and the one that moved from Japan to Hawaii. That is where she had my Grandmother. So, I am 3rd ...
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Speaking to people who knew ancestors in Minais Gerais, Brazil?

I'd like to start researching my family genealogy, but I don't have much information. I just know the name of my parents and grandparents and their home state, almost nothing apart from that. My (...
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Getting started in Irish research?

A friend's wife has started to research her family history, and has fallen at the first hurdle: one of her ancestors is Irish (born circa 1865 and died in Omagh, Northern Ireland in 1948 -- there's a ...
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How to support someone with a budding interest in genealogy?

My mom has recently gotten into genealogy. She's not the best with computers, but I would like to encourage her in her new hobby. She's cooperating with some other members of her family (who are more ...
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What are the key points for a beginning genealogist to consider?

I'm an absolute starter to genealogy and I've always found it very interesting so last week I decided to build my family tree. What are the key things I should consider when getting started?
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Recording/verifying information from pedigree chart in Legacy?

I have recently received a printed pedigree chart of 20 pages. My mother is included in the chart. How/where do I start recording this information in Legacy? How/where do I start to verify the ...
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What details should I be recording during my research?

I have only recently become interested in my family tree. I am using PAF and am aware of GEDCOM. In addition to the details that PAF and GEDCOM support, what other information should I be recording?
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