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Questions regarding early stage/re-staged work; the basics

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Getting started with Guatemala family history?

My daughter Elida married a young man from Guatemala and I have no information about where he came from. My daughter passed away a few months ago leaving 2 little children. I want to find his famiy ...
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Looking into Maltese ancestry?

My dad is Maltese (from Malta) and I cannot seem to find much information, at least not in my free research so far. Where should I start? I'm looking for my dad's family's names really, not ...
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Wanting to trace family online? [duplicate]

I want to trace my family but am limited on funds. What is the best way to trace my lineage online?
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Tracing Japanese ancestor who immigrated to Hawaii?

I am a 1/4 Japanese. My mom is half and my Grandmother full. My Great-grandmother was full Japanese and the one that moved from Japan to Hawaii. That is where she had my Grandmother. So, I am 3rd ...
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Speaking to people who knew ancestors in Minais Gerais, Brazil?

I'd like to start researching my family genealogy, but I don't have much information. I just know the name of my parents and grandparents and their home state, almost nothing apart from that. My (...
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Getting started in Irish research?

A friend's wife has started to research her family history, and has fallen at the first hurdle: one of her ancestors is Irish (born circa 1865 and died in Omagh, Northern Ireland in 1948 -- there's a ...
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How to support someone with a budding interest in genealogy?

My mom has recently gotten into genealogy. She's not the best with computers, but I would like to encourage her in her new hobby. She's cooperating with some other members of her family (who are more ...
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What are the key points for a beginning genealogist to consider?

I'm an absolute starter to genealogy and I've always found it very interesting so last week I decided to build my family tree. What are the key things I should consider when getting started?
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Recording/verifying information from pedigree chart in Legacy?

I have recently received a printed pedigree chart of 20 pages. My mother is included in the chart. How/where do I start recording this information in Legacy? How/where do I start to verify the ...
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What details should I be recording during my research?

I have only recently become interested in my family tree. I am using PAF and am aware of GEDCOM. In addition to the details that PAF and GEDCOM support, what other information should I be recording?
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