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For questions about the Welsh county of Glamorgan, also known as Glamorganshire. It is now divided into three units (South, Mid and West Glamorgan).

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Identifying photograph which may be Margaret Morgan (1808-1902) taken at Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales?

Below is a photograph (I apologize for the quality; it is not in my possession to re-scan) of a woman who I think could be my 3rd great grandmother Margaret Morgan who was: christened on 28 Aug 1808 ...
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Dating photo by Edwin Lott from Nolton Studio at Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales?

Does anyone know what years this image was used on Edwin Lott photos? This was on the back of the unidentified family believed to be Morgan relatives which I posted in Identifying family in photo ...
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Identifying family in photo taken by Edwin Lott at Bridgend, Wales?

Can anyone identify the family in this photo taken by Edwin Lott at Nolton Studio Bridgend? I believe it's a Morgan family. The reverse side of the photograph can be seen in Dating photo by Edwin ...
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