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Determining likely relationship for DNA match of 1,148cM

Was not looking to discover my father wasn't my bio dad. Now I have a match claiming I'm his half- aunt. I'm hoping that I'm NOT his parent’s half-sibling but instead their half-cousin. Is it possible?...
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DNA matches half uncle

I was wondering if anyone could answer this question I have. I have DNA match with my half uncle ( fathers side) , and I also have a half great Aunty - mother’s side. My sister has a slightly higher ...
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Half Uncle possibility -fathers side

I recently conducted a DNA test on and I received a strong match with a guy I don’t know . 758cms across 23 segments longest segment 86cm. He is 57 years of age and my father is 70 and i ...
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Would a Half aunt share x-dna with her father's granddaughter?

Would a half aunt share x-dna with her father's granddaughter? The situation is simple, but we are missing a link somewhere. The two match at 1160cM, however one is in her 60's, the other in her 30's,...
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What relation is my Half-Aunt to her DNA Matches?

I have recently discovered through an Ancestry DNA test + GEDMatch that my Aunt is my half-Aunt and that she and my mother don't share the same biological father. Looking at my Aunt's DNA Matches on ...
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AncestryDNA showing No Match for Half Aunt?

My father's half sister just posted her AncestryDNA results. I did not come up as a match, nor did my sister. Does this mean that my father's dad is not really his dad, or could there be another ...
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