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Questions tagged [half-siblings]

Use for questions about people who share one parent but not the other

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Distinguishing half sibling, uncle or half nephew using Ancestry DNA?

My husband did ancestry dna to find any info on his biological fathers side. He just got a “close family” match with whom they share 1440 cM across 49 segments. Is it possible to be a half sibling?...
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7 votes
6 answers

Can DNA matches be wrong

I (female) had an unexpected half sister match (1,866 cM across 49 segments) in We are about the same age so I'm assuming sibling. Upon closer examination I realized my brother(A) was ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Does 1,864 centimorgans indicate half-siblings? [duplicate]

My sister, daughter and I all took DNA tests for fun. My sister and I show up on Ancestry as "close family," and share 1864 Centimorgans, and we do not share any relatives that my daughter and I share ...
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Understanding DNA match of 1,723 cM

I have a DNA match of 1,723 cM with a male 6 years younger than me. His father is one of a twin, could my match be not my half-sibling but my 1st cousin.
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Is AncestryDNA match of 1,655 cM a half sibling? [duplicate]

Shared DNA: 1,655 cM across 46 segments. Can someone that shows this as one of my matches on AncestryDNA be a half sibling?
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