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Questions tagged [half-siblings]

Use for questions about people who share one parent but not the other

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Can paternal half sisters share only 16% dna?

My mom was adopted and knew nothing about her biological dad. We know her biological mother and her family. I'm looking for her bio dad. We both tested on Ancestry. I tested first, and I did the ...
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Distinguishing half siblings from first cousins (possible fathers are brothers) using shared cM

Regarding half siblings, sent my DNA to Ancestry came to a match of half sibling at 1530 cMs @ 99% half sibling however was in contact with such match and he is claiming my father or one his two ...
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Half siblings or double cousins?

MB= my brother (1/2 sibling) MC=cousin (our mother's sister's daughter given up for adoption-no longer married to SS) DC=cousin to both of us but either 1/2 sibling to my brother or double cousin) AS= ...
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My daughters half brother shows up as 15.4%

My family did 23 and me, my daughter and her 1/2 brother show up as only 15.4%. They’re dad also did one and it shows he is the father of both kids. How is this possible?
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Interpreting shared DNA information from FTDNA test

I am brand new to DNA testing and relationships. We did a 23 and me due to a health scare, there was a sale so we say why not see ancestry and family too. My husband's test came back saying someone he ...
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