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Questions tagged [herefordshire]

For questions about ancestors and records regarding the English county of Herefordshire. A historic border county with Wales.

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Seeking English burial/death record prior to 1837?

I'm looking for a burial/death record for a woman that I only have her married name for. I also can't find a birth or marriage record. Her name is Hannah Evans, born in Leominster, Herefordshire, ...
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3 answers

Church Censuses a one off?

I have photocopies of clerical censuses from 1828 & 1838 from a parish in Herefordshire, England. In fact the details given offer more information than state censuses. Have researchers found ...
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Where was Timothy Kelly born (married in London, died in Herefordshire)?

My ancestor Timothy Kelly, died in Weobley, Herefordshire, in 1839, and was born around 1774, according to the age given on his death certificate. Supposedly, his son told descendants that his father ...
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