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Questions tagged [historical-gazetteer]

A reference work listing the names (and other relevant characteristics) of the geographical features of an area at a specified point in time.

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49 votes
12 answers

When documenting location, should current or historical place names be used?

When I am documenting records, do I use the name of a city or country as it is called today or as it was in the year an ancestor was there? Related to: When documenting place names, should I write ...
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1 answer

Identifying Lemuel K. Preston's 1830s-era birth place of "Broome, L. C."?

In his 1852 Providence, Rhode Island, marriage record,1 Lemuel Keyser "L. K." Preston (ca1828-ca1881) was reported born "Broome, L.C.," the son of Michael and Mary Preston. I interpret the reference,...
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2 answers

Where was Eiszuk, Russia?

Grandfather is listed at Ellis Island as having arrived from Eiszuk, Russia in 1906 but I cannot locate such a place. I am aware that the name could have changed or been misspelled, but thought I ...
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7 answers

Finding 1910 map of Russia?

Where do I find a map of 1910 Russia? My grandfather and his sister immigrated from a city that they spell differently on every document they complete. I would like to find the actual name and ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Has anyone ever heard of the town of Husinice, Russia or Ukraine, circa 1912?

My grandfather came to the United States from a town in what was in 1912 considered to be Russia, or possibly Ukraine. The town has been spelled many ways in passenger lists, naturalization documents,...
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3 votes
1 answer

Where would this town/area be located in Poland, today?

I have a few various names of villages/towns that my family came from in Poland/Russia. They came to America before WWI around 1914 and much of Poland was Russia at the time. Many town names have ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Where is/was location of Corvoda (near Lezant), Cornwall, England?

When my 4th great grandfather Joseph Binney was buried on 17 Jul 1829 at Lezant, Cornwall, England, his residence was given as Corvoda. I have looked for Corvoda (and searched on Cordova as a ...
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Locating Carnarton in ecclesiastical district of Tuckingmill in parish of Illogan, Cornwall?

My 2nd great grandmother Grace Martin Wills was born on 8 Feb 1849 at Carnarton and christened on 8 Apr 1849 at Tuckingmill which is between Camborne and Illogan in Cornwall. Her father George was a ...
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