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Questions tagged [hungary]

For questions about ancestors or records in the country of Hungary. The borders and political status of Hungary changed dramatically. This tag may be used for the previous political entities within the geographical boundaries of the present-day or historic Hungary, such as when it was the Kingdom of Hungary or part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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Records from Murska Sobata - Hungary, Yugoslavia & now Slovenia

I was surprised to find Trautman's were listed as Jews and killed in Auschwitz on How do I find records from a Synagogue that was shut down by the Nazi's. The Synagogue I need the ...
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Looking for Hungarian voters list around 1931

I am trying to track my grandfathers movements at the beginning of the 1930s and i wanted to check if he was listed in the 1931 voters list for the Hungarian parliament elections but i didn't manage ...
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Finding birth/baptism record for Don ancestor who resided in Arad in Transylvania before World War I?

My late father in law was born in Arad around 1905-1906. His last name was Don. This is not a Hungarian name, although he was. I believe it is the name of a river in Russia. I am trying to do ...
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1860-1868 Birth Certificate from Hungary

Can anyone advise me on how to obtain my great-great-grandfather's birth certificate (he was born in Fogaras, Transylvania, Hungary between 1860-1868 [corrected]) and possible renunciation of ...
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