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Questions tagged [indentured-servant]

For questions about people who entered into service for a specified amount of time in exchange for passage to another country.

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How to interpret Samuel Trigg in Early Virginia Immigrants repeated entries?

I'm looking at the book Early Virginia Immigrants by George Cabell Greer, Hill printing Company, 1912 on page 332 which reads in part: Triggs, Wm., 1640, by Henry Porter and Raphaell Joyner, James ...
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Finding records for indentured servants in South Carolina?

We strongly suspect that our ancestor, Elizabeth Turley, who married Meredith Helm, came to South Carolina as an indentured servant. She was born in Speldhurst, England in 1778, and was the only one ...
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South Carolina indentured servant

I suspect my great-grandmother may have arrived in South Carolina as an indentured servant early in the 19th century. I believe she was of Scotch/Irish origin. Any ideas where I might find evidence ...
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