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Information is a term used for the "facts" contained within a source.

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What is the difference between "primary information" and "secondary information?"

In genealogical research, what is the difference between primary information and secondary information. Why do genealogists bother with making such distinctions?
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Why do historical and genealogical scholars differ in their approach to classifying sources?

Historical scholars classify sources as "primary" or "secondary." Princeton University, "What is a primary source" Library and Archives Canada, "Toolkit: Defining Primary and Secondary Sources" ...
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Is the IGI a derivative of primary evidence or an original of secondary evidence?

Looking at the BCG's "Skillbuilding: Guidelines for Evaluating Genealogical Resources", I note that derivative sources may include "transcripts, abstracts, and notes produced from viewing the original ...
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Who was the father of Thomas Jocelyn/Joslin who emigrated to Massachusetts in the Increase (1635)

It is well documented that Thomas Jocelin/Josselyn/Joslin/Jostlin (1592-1660) emigrated to the Massachusetts Colony on the Increase in 1635 with his wife Rebecca and children Rebecca, Dorothy, ...
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Familysearch terms of use (2018) and "ownership" of information?

It seems to me that the copyright and ownership of historical images and information is legal quagmire that does not lend itself to straight forward answers. As an example: According to ...
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Combining maiden name, birth and death dates in parentheses

I would like to write a narrative sentence describing the names and birth and death dates of a given individual. Would it be acceptable to put the wife's maiden name, followed by the dates, within one ...
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How to start a family tree? [closed]

I have a MASSIVE family, with lineages that lead to the aztecs, polish, and much much more. It's pretty difficult for me to write all the lines down on a piece of paper. What would I use to hold those ...
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