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For questions about ancestors and records in the US state of Kansas, including questions pertaining to the period before the state's admission to the US (1861) when it was French, later Spanish, and then American territory.

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Are there any online resources to verify death of a inmate at Fort Leavenworth?

One of my cousins asserts that her Uncle died "in prison" at Fort Leavenworth Kansas on 1 Jan 1976. Are there any online resources that would verify the death of a prisoner (assuming that he was ...
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Locating and reading will of Elwyn Bernard Blair who died in 1934 at Atchison, Kansas?

Elwyn Bernard Blair was the youngest son of Edward and Barbara Blair. At the time Elwyn died on 28 Jun 1934 at Atchison, Kansas, he was married and had an infant son Robert who was buried on 21 Dec ...
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Where are 1910 US census records for Topeka State Hospital Inmates?

Where are the 1910 US census records for Topeka State Hospital Inmates? The rather notorious Topeka State Hospital (Insane Asylum) was in Topeka, Kansas in Shawnee County. It operated from 1879 ...
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1882 Local News Item -- What Does "in the shade" Mean?

I have a local news item from the Belle Plaine News, Belle Plaine, Sumner County, Kansas, USA, 4 February 1882 in which it is stated: J. P. Martin has laid several young men "in the shade." For ...
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What public pool is this in Kansas?

I have the below two pictures from about June 1923, most likely in Hutchinson, Kansas, but possibly in Wichita, Kansas. Can anyone identify the exact pool? I found this article stating that public ...
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