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Questions tagged [lancashire]

For questions about the county of Lancashire in the north-west of England.

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Travelling within the UK in 1800s

My 4th great-grandfather was a weaver who was born in 1772 and was married, lived and died in the Wigan area. I have found a record dated 1801, for someone with the same name, age and occupation in ...
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The Munkittrick family in England

A branch of the Munkittrick family came from Ardee in County Louth in Ireland. One member of the family left Ardee and took up residence in Lancashire (Manchester area) in the early 1800s (certainly ...
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Investigating whether blood relates two Holme women?

I want to investigate whether there is blood related to the two Holme. They are those who lived in the same age. One side is my distant relatives. (Ann Holme) The other one is the mother of my great ...
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