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Parish residency in 19th century Cornwall?

In 18th and 19th century church parish marriage records in Cornwall, UK, the bride and groom's residences are indicated as one of three things: of the same parish as the marriage (usually just ...
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Could a beneficiary also be witness to a will?

I have several wills from 16th/17th century England where a witness to the will had the same name as one of the sons who was a beneficiary in that will. I have always assumed these witnesses were ...
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Name selection practices driven by the Napoleonic Code

The Napoleonic code was a consistent body of law adopted in many parts of the Europe (and other places) that were conquered by Napoleon I. These laws covered, among other things, property rights and ...
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What is the significance of a "right of dower" in this 1830s era deed (Ohio/New Hampshire, USA)?

Working with 19th-century deeds, I often find the wife has executed the deed in what is described as an act of relinquishing her "right of Dower." (Corrections to the way I have described that ...
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What did it mean to come of age in 1684 at Saco (now Maine, USA)?

John Presbury died 1679 of Saco, now Maine, USA, but then Massachusetts Bay Colony. John left minor sons including William Presbury. John's estate was administered by others until his son, William, "...
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