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For questions about ancestors and records in the country of Lithuania. This includes previous political entities within the geographical boundaries of present-day Lithuania, such as when it was part of the Russian Empire or of the Soviet Union.

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Working on pre-16th century German genealogy

I was researching my family on Ancestry, and I seem to have discovered that I can trace my mother's father's line all the way from present-day to about 11th C. The earliest name I can find is Moshe ...
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Spelling Alternatives for Lithuanian Surnames

I am having trouble with determining the correct surname spelling for my grandfather. On almost every document, including those from Churches, the names have been spelled different. Examples: Mike ...
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Locating town named Tavlik(?) near Lithuania

I have recordings of my grandfather's cousin interviewing his father about life in Lithuania during the late 1800s and early 1900s. My great great grandfather describes his life as a young child, in ...
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"len pat." in Lithuanian passport

In this Lithuanian passport, the home location appears to be "len pat." (or "sen pat.") What does this mean? For reference, the prior section lists date and location of birth. In other passports, ...
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Locating town named Porshwel(?) in Lithuania

I have recordings of my grandfather's cousin interviewing his father about life in Lithuania during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Asked where he was born, my great great uncle says, "I was born ...
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Finding original surname of Anton Orsik who immigrated to United States from Russia (Lithuania)?

My father in-law Anton Orsik was born in Vilna, Russia 1898, His father was Feodor Orsik, or that is the spelling of the name on the marriage certificate in New York after his immigration in 1913. I ...
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Finding an immigrant ancestor's origin from Lithuania?

I realize that surnames varies on documents due to the recorder's hearing the name. That has presented me with a great challenge trying to find information about my grandfather. Here are the different ...
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Seeking birth family of Michał (Michael) Gudzinowicz Praniewicz from Poland/Russia? [closed]

after reaching out to some historical societies in Massachusettes, I learned that I was dealing with two exact people named “Michael Praniewicz” – sorry for all the confusion. Below you will see my ...
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Where is town of Pogena, Russia (or Lithuania) where ancestor born in 1885?

On my grandfather's naturalization papers, birthplace is listed as Pogena, Russia. It may be located in Lithuania. His name is Julius Albert Knoll. I am also looking for my grandmother's ...
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Where was Eiszuk, Russia?

Grandfather is listed at Ellis Island as having arrived from Eiszuk, Russia in 1906 but I cannot locate such a place. I am aware that the name could have changed or been misspelled, but thought I ...
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Cannot find the town of Yobeneks, Russia

My grandfather left Lithuania, actually Russia, in 1910. I am trying to locate his town on a map. a copy of his draft card states the town of Yobeneks, Russia. I cannot find this name. does anyone ...