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Questions tagged [locating-records]

Questions about locating specific records of reference works identified by geography, date, type or topic. Used to enquire about availability and identification of such resources.

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9 answers

Locating an elusive UK birth record (Mary Ann Harper born circa 1865 possibly Dudley, England)?

I have a female great grand-mother in England for whom I have her marriage certificate and her death certificate, plus census records from marriage until death. From these I know her unmarried name, ...
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Catch 22: how do you know if a data provider's sub will be valuable to you — before you subscribe?

One of the questions I constantly struggle with is how to evaluate whether it is worth it to me to subscribe or buy credits on Pay-Per-View (PPV) at the websites of the big data providers. (Side note:...
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Are Holocaust records available online?

I have a relative who is looking into her family history. According to her aunt many of her relatives on her father's side (Beinhorn) were victims in the Holocaust. Do records exist online that she ...
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Finding pre-1900 German records? [closed]

I've searched the internet quite a bit, but I'm still unable to usefully find any information on my German relatives - mostly due to the language barrier. I'm looking for records around the early 1900'...
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Merchant marine - how to research people who worked on ships?

I am researching a relative who disappears from conventional genealogical records. He married and fathered children regularly until his wife died but does not appear in census records with his family ...
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Where to find records relating to Great Britain's Black Act?

Family story indicates that a John Edmonds, born about 1716 in Wales, was banished to America about 1732 for "dogging a pet deer". Supposedly, he settled around Jamestown, Virginia. Having recently ...
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Military Record is the first sign of existence

Are there any accessible records of missing persons in Scotland for the mid 19th Century? I ask as I have a brick wall with my Great Great Grandfather, David Brighton (1825-1891). The earliest ...
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Locating will from Berlin (Germany) in 1930s?

I am trying to find my grandfather's last will and testament. He resided in Berlin, Germany and died in the late 1930s. I will be in Berlin shortly and so offline as well as online resources will ...
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Where to find ship manifests for immigrants to Venezuela, 1946-1953?

I'm researching Latvian immigrants after WWII to Venezuela. Where can I find ship manifests for immigrants to Venezuela during the period 1946-1953?
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How do I find passenger lists for ships embarking from Mexican ports to California?

I have a record (found on of the steamer Curacao arriving in San Francisco, California on 1 July 1905. She was laden with gold and also my great grandmother and grand uncle. The US ...
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The identity of Priscilla Kimball Preston. Can you help track down an old extracted record and help solve a 17th century mystery?

We all know it should not take 1200 words to explain a transcription error ... A 17th century personality, "Priscilla Kimball Preston," reported by FamilySearch's FamilyTree causes a conflict in my ...
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South Carolina indentured servant

I suspect my great-grandmother may have arrived in South Carolina as an indentured servant early in the 19th century. I believe she was of Scotch/Irish origin. Any ideas where I might find evidence ...
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Marriage certificate of ancestor in Caracas

I am in Europe and have an ancestor who lived in Caracas and married around 1930 to 1940 in Venezuela, most likely in Caracas. He died in 1990. Where can I find his marriage certificate? Can I ...
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Finding non-resident schedules and absent household schedules for the US Federal Census?

On page 6 of the 1940 Census Enumerator's instructions (page 4 of the printed manual) paragraph 19 reads: Nonresident schedule. -- Members of a household who object to being included in the ...
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Locating records of a man employed by Rufford Abbey for 70 years?

Rufford Abbey, early 20th century, photo credit ruffLives I have an ancestor who appears to have been employed at Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire his entire life. When he died aged about 87 in 1850, ...
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How can I find a professional genealogist to perform a search in Italy?

I need a professional genealogist who can get a copy of the birth certificate of my great grandfather who was born in Piemonte region (Italy) in the year 1875 or 1876. He came to Argentina when he was ...
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Locating a Massachusetts marriage record circa 1760 for Robert Gray and Margaret parents of John Gray (b 1763, Worcester MA)

Rice, Franklin P. Page 116 of "Worcester Births, Marriages, and Deaths (Worcester Society of Antiquity, 1894)" has: GRAY, John, s. of Robert, Jr. and Margaret, (born) Aug. 16, 1763. [Baptism First ...
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Finding Specific Railroad Segments in the United Started named after employees?

I have found at least two references in notes passed down to my be others that indicated they might have Railroad spur / section was named after them. Searching and Google Books while ...
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Finding church / parish records for Kent?

Where may I access original baptism, marriage and burial records for Bexley, Bexleyheath and Sidcup? I am seventy six years old and live in Norfolk. I am able to access original online Norfolk ...
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Is there a site where you can connect with individuals willing to go to local sources & research for you?

I need info from the Wyoming Boys School from 1937 re: my father. I've tried contacting the school inquiring if they have records that can be accessed from that period but I get no response. Is ...
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What are the records that can be used in India to trace one's ancestry?

I'm an Indian and all my ancestors as far as I know are from India. I'm actually trying to reconstruct my family tree by tracing it back. The resources within family like various documents, ...
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Did Richard Hill and Blanche Todd live in India in the late 19th Century?

My 2nd great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Hill had a brother, Richard Demetrius Hill, born in Islington in 1858. He was living with his family in the 1861 census, and with his uncle in 1871. After that,...
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Identifying and locating records for town in Westfalen?

My great grandfather was George Eichstedt born July 13, 1851 in Germany. I found out he had a lot of names so he was Gustav Adolph Emil Franz George Eichsteadt. His father was Ferdanaid Eichsteadt ...
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How can I find out about the Oklahoma Children’s Home (Finding) Society

Searching for records/lists/info from this organization after it moved from Guthrie Oklahoma to Oklahoma City. Anyone know if there is a book or anything about the history of this particular branch of ...
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Family History location [closed]

I am trying to locate an American Airman (aged 27 in 1960) who was on a 3 year contract and based in Oxfordshire England between 1958 and 1960 who married in 1955 an English girl(aged 25 in 1960). On ...
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Learning personal history of Asmus Nicolai Clausen?

I am researching the history of Asmus Nicolai Clausen, originally from Flensburg in Germany, born 2 June 1911. He was the commander of the U-182, which was sunk on 16 May 1943, when he died. His ...
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Kirchheimbolanden Archives

My g3 grandfather was Karl Philipp Goetz, born 3 Aug 1819 in Kirchheimbolanden and baptized in the Evangelical Church there on 4 Aug 1819. You have asked for more detail. What I know from family ...
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