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Questions tagged [macfamilytree]

Use this tag for questions specific to MacFamilyTree, which is proprietary genealogy software for macOS.

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Adding children to a parental census event in MacFamilyTree 10

I am just beginning to get to grips with MacFamilyTree and I can see how I can create a Family Event Type for a census entry and that this links together the husband and wife. What I cannot work out ...
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How do I change the order of MacFamilyTree events?

I'm using MacFamilyTree 9. Whenever I add a new person, the order of events is as following: Burial Christening Death Occupation Birth Ideally, it'd be something like Birth Christening Occupation ...
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Removing media file name under pictures in person report of Macfamilytree

How do I remove a media file name under pictures in a person report? Filenames all different and some with huge names and I cannot find a way to remove it other then going to each file and deleting ...
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Changing parent in MacFamilyTree

In MacFamilyTree, if a person has been assigned the wrong parent, is it possible to reassign it to another parent? Currently, the only way I know how to do this is to delete the person and create a ...
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6 votes
3 answers

MacFamilyTree: underlining the preferred first name

I recently switched to MacFamilyTree (8.0.10) and a) would like to know whether it is possible to have one first name underlined (or somehow highlighted) in the program, like: John S̲e̲b̲a̲s̲t̲i̲a̲n̲ ...
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MacFamilyTree 8 how to design book cover?

I use MacFamilyTree 8.0.10. and cannot find a possibility to design the book cover, so that I can add the picture as a background and maybe change the font type and sizes, such as this random ...
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1 answer

How to edit the text of a MacFamilyTree 7 Narrative Report for Event Types

I use MacFamilyTree 7.5 as my primary software and I have been generating narrative reports for people recently and something about the wording of the reports has been bugging me and I would like to ...
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How can I quickly source 'events' in Mac Family Tree?

I am using Mac Family Tree currently as my primary 'tree' database and my biggest issue with it is the ease of 'sourcing' events. As of this post I am running version 7.3.2.(and as of 7.5 still ...
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Can I automatically generate a report for each person in my tree using Mac Family Tree?

Is it possible to generate and export a report for each person in my family tree? I see how I can view, export and save a snapshot to for later use, but how can I automate the process of creating a ...
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