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For questions about ancestors and records in the US state of Maryland, including questions pertaining to the period before the state's admission to the US (1788) when it was a British colony.

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Looking for article on Edith Cromwell / Oliver Cromwell

I have an ancestor born Edith Cromwell who married Christopher Gist in the 1600s.  Many people believe that she was a close relative of the famous Oliver Cromwell.  But long ago, I read a convincing ...
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Seeking passenger list for SS Wittekind which landed in Baltimore, Maryland in 1910

Looking for the Passengers list on the SS Witteland. Landed in Baltimore, Maryland on June 11, 1910. Name Marcin Glowacki. His final destination was Grand Rapids Michigan. Born November 4, 1892.
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Run away marriage: why did people go to Maryland?

I am tracking the marriage certificate of a couple who lived in NYC and who reportedly ran away in Maryland to get married between 1940 and 1945. NYC marriage indexes are available and it is true they ...
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Who were the wives of John Ervin (1791-1843)?

According to Benjamin Shinn in Biographical Memories of Blackford County (The Bowen Publishing Company, 1900, p. 240): John Ervin was prominent among the early settlers. His early life was spent ...
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Birth records for Baltimore Maryland in the 1840s

I am trying to locate birth records for my 2nd great grandfather, Jesse Carson so I can possibly trace the Carson family back a little further. was not helpful, it didn't provide me any ...
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1935 residence code in the 1940 census

Baltimore City 1940 Census shows last residence in 1935 being rural in Baltimore County, with the residence code filled in later as "7251." Where can I find out what that code means?
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When have people started keeping Birth, Marriage, and Death records

I know that in more recent times almost every birth, death and marriage was documented and extensive information was often recorded, but when did this become common? For relatively recent genealogy, ...
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Finding passenger lists for arrivals to Baltimore in 1900s-1910's?

I know someone who arrived to Baltimore directly (without going through Ellis Island) in the early 1900s. Are there any listings of passengers on these ships?
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