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For questions about medical family history and health in the context of genealogy, such as using hospital or medical records

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Finding medical records for Richmond State Hospital patient?

My 2nd great-grandmother, Margaret Elizabeth Armegust or Arbingast, was born 22 Sept 1837 in Ohio and died 24 July 1929 at the Richmond State Hospital, Wayne, Indiana, United States. She lived for a ...
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Methods to organize medical genealogy information?

An aspect of genealogy that I have recently become very interested in is medical genealogy. Numerous sources give me information about my medical family history, such as: anecdotal evidence (for ...
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Getting information from closed mental institution in California, USA?

My great-uncle's wife was committed to Camarillo State Hospital in California for something over 30 years, until her death in 1967. She has no descendants. I have become very interested in this ...
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What records of smallpox vaccination exist?

Over on the History of Science & Mathematics site I asked a question about what vaccinations infants recieved in late nineteenth century England. I learned that smallpox vaccination became ...
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