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For questions about the Merchant Navy. A nation's non-military commercial shipping.

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Irish birth in Cork 1835

My 3x great grandfather was born in Mallow, Cork in 1835 and became a seaman. He apprenticed in Padstow, Cornwall until 1850 and then worked on ships mostly out of Liverpool where he had a family and ...
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U boat WW1 activity west of Ireland

Currently researching U-boat World War 1 activity on the west coast of Ireland. Attached is a copy of Defence of Realm Act Nov 1914. Source:
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Finding birth father in the Merchant Marine?

I was told my birth father is from the Seattle WA area. He was adopted and is of American Indian descent. I know his name but am not publishing it here as he is less than 100 years old. In 1967 he ...
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Italian Navy Records from 1820 to 1840

I am researching about my family tree and I finally found something on my great great great grandfather. I have discovered that he was from Italian Navy posted in Sistre Levante from 1838 to 1842. I ...
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What records might survive of nautical assessor who died on London Docks in second half of 18th century?

In Could John Stacy who lived/married at London and later lived at Exmouth (Devon) have been baptized in 1759 at North Petherton (Somerset)? I have been trying to identify the parents of John Stacy (...
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Finding names of merchant mariners working on ships between Hamburg & Chile 1906-1913?

My grandfather Michael Reid told us that he had been on ships carrying saltpetre from South America and that he had been based in Hamburg for a period. I should like to find the names of ships he ...
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Validating Merchant Navy records?

My first post, apologies if I break protocol. My grandfather's name was Thomas John Hegarty, born Queenstown 26th June 1887. I was tracing his naval record and came across a record from 'another' ...
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Finding William Hudson Minnick from USA who in 1920 married Cecilia Mallon in Liverpool, UK?

I am researching my ancestor William Hudson Minnick who has this timeline. He may have been born in Iowa. He married my grandmother Cecilia Mallon in Liverpool, UK in 1920. The marriage certificate: ...
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