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For questions about ancestors and records in the US state of Minnesota, including questions pertaining to the period before the state's admission to the US (1858) when it was French, later Spanish, and then American territory.

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Census- Records column 30 [duplicate]

Ancestor was born in 1832 England, lived in Minneapolis Ward 13. Column 30 ..what is the meaning of -9- . No letters just dash 9 dash
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Would a private adoption in Minnesota's Swedish community in 1880 been handled by the Lutheran Church?

My mother's mother, first name Anna, was born in Minnesota (probably Frontenac) in 1879, and privately adopted by Solomon Long and Anna Lindberg, who lived in Princeton, Minnesota. Anna wasn't listed ...
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Identifying Norwegian parents of Hulda Marie Olsen who was born 1892 in North Dakota?

I am trying to identify the parents of my paternal grandmother, Hulda Marie Olson/Olsen. From every census I have found, both parents come from Norway and I have seen her surname spelled as "Olsen" ...
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What port or border crossing would immigrants to Minnesota likely have used?

I have some Austrian/Ukrainian ancestors that first settled in Minnesota for a brief time after immigrating to the United States around 1900. What was likely their point of entry into the US? Family ...
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What does it mean if cause of death is listed as "Insanity" in late 1800s?

My great, great grandmother's cause of death is listed as "Insanity" on her death record, and I'm not sure what this means. She died in Winsted, McLeod County, Minnesota in 1872 at age 37, and had ...
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What does it mean if a probate index lists a person's record as "Insanity of", instead of "Estate of"?

I found my ancestor listed in a probate index for McLeod County, Minnesota, USA around the year 1882. His record is in the format "Last Name, First Name, Insanity of", instead of "Last Name, First ...
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