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Questions tagged [morocco]

Questions pertaining about ancestors living or visiting or the related records in the North African country of Morocco. It is on the Atlantic coast and Mediterranean Sea. It is boarded by Spain, Western Sahara, and Algeria.

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Finding Moroccan ancestors [closed]

I would like to find some family members, but I don`t really know if they exist or not. I only have our last name and my grandpa's name, who I have never met. His name is possibly Adnane Toujjani, ...
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British citizens in Morocco 19th century?

I know that my grandfather's grandfather lived in Safi in Morocco in the 19th century. I don't know his name at all, but I do know his wife's given (first) name. I also know that he was British - ...
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How can I learn more about my father, who was born in Spain and lived in Morocco?

My father was born in La Linea, Spain. He said he played football for Morocco and also was married there. He spent many years in Morocco in the 1940's. How can I learn more about him?
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How can I access records from Morocco?

My father was born in Fes, Morocco in 1936. He left to go to Israel in the 1950's. Does anyone know what type of records were kept in that time period or earlier? Were any kept at all? I don't ...
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