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352 views "Common Ancestor" algorithm has a feature where it will use all available trees to find a common ancestor for a DNA match. I believe that it looks for overlaps in trees. It has done a good job for many of my matches....
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Shared DNA when MRCAs are Cousins

On average, 2nd cousins are expected to share about 1/16 of their DNA. If parent-child share 3600 cM, then the 2nd cousins would share on average 1/16 of that or 225 cM. The 2nd cousins share a set of ...
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Partial matches on Triangulated DNA segments

With DNA information from FamilyTreeDNA, I have determined trangulation groups. I have chromosome segments of significant size (> 10 cM) over which A (myself) matches B (my known cousin) and A (myself)...
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