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Questions tagged [naming]

Social practices associated with assigning a (locally unique) label to an individual.

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Catholic naming conventions

Is it a convention in the Catholic church to put a baby's Christian name first in a birth record, before their actual first name? For instance, my father was born Elmer Edward. Since he was very ...
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What is the origin of the surname Reineke? Is it related to the character Reynard the Fox (Reineke Fuchs)?

"Reineke Fuchs" is the German version of "Reynard the Fox," a character from European folklore. "Reineke," or the almost certainly closely related "Reinecke," ...
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Removing media file name under pictures in person report of Macfamilytree

How do I remove a media file name under pictures in a person report? Filenames all different and some with huge names and I cannot find a way to remove it other then going to each file and deleting ...
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