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An indigenous inhabitant of the area now forming the United States of America. In earlier times called Indians.

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Finding the Truth

I am trying to find information about my maternal great-grandmother. We were always told that she was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. However, in doing a genealogy search, this is the information I ...
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Might 3.46% American Native DNA come from 10 generations back?

If DNA shows 3.46% American Native, then how far back in generations did it come from? I am told it was from a 10 generations back.
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Establishing Native American Lineage via Online Database Tools?

I have one (maybe two) Native American lines in my family tree. Genetic testing has confirmed this presence, but tracking down some specifics with deceased grandparents whose own parent or grandparent ...
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Seeking DNA test to identify region or tribe for Native American ancestry?

I have done an DNA test that revealed 32% Native American. I was looking for a specific region or tribe--searching for my great-grandmother, who was native american. my grand father is ...
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Indexing nE census record at FamilySearch?

I do indexing of records on FamilySearch. I've come across something a bit confusing to me, as a newer indexer. This image is from the Native American Census Rolls 1885-1940. Reservation: Blackfeet ...
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Finding Native American Tribal Affiliation through DNA?

My husband is about 40-60% Native American, depending on which engine we run it through (Family Tree DNA or Gedmatch's various engines). His mother is from Ecuador, and his father is Mexican from the ...
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Getting started tracing Native American ancestry

I did the DNA test and found out that I had traces of Native American. I myself am from Sweden but have American ancestry. How can I trace this back further? I am a beginner.
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Understanding Native American DNA at

How come shows my alleged Native American DNA, but, and does not? Does anyone know why that is? What is the difference between gedmatch database and ...
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How do you determine native american ancestry? [duplicate]

How would you determine how much cherokee indian in your heritage is your great great grandmother was 1/2 cherokee indian?
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Why would Native American Ethnicity not show up in Autosomal DNA results?

My 3rd great grandmother was Muskogee. I have no Native American DNA according to, yet my DNA matches also share this ancestor in our family trees. Why, if we match DNA-wise and ...
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Is DNA test accurate with respect to native american descent?

Both myself and my wife believe we are descendants (each on the order of 1/16) of native americans, yet for the autosomal DNA test, the ethnicity estimate shows nothing for native ...
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Who are the Ancestors of William Yensull?

William Yensull (also spelled Yensule or Yencule) became a Naturalized Citizen of the United States on April 20th, 1896. Based on his Naturalization Certificate, issued in the Illinois county of ...
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Researching Native American ancestry

How do you research your native American ancestry, when all you have is old family stories, but no records?
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Proving Native American ancestry using DNA testing?

I saw on The Generation Project where a man took a DNA test that showed he was some percentage Native American or was the chance that he as Native American. Can a DNA test prove that I have Native ...
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