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Questions tagged [navy]

For questions about the sea-going or maritime branch of the military, including the marines.

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Getting information from Navy service record if date of death unknown?

I am helping a friend research her father who was born in 1917. The only document she has, of his, is his marriage his name, father's name and name of spouse and profession. ...
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WW2 German or Polish naval uniform?

The photo attached shows a naval person from WW2 having his hair cut. I am trying to work out whether this is German or Polish Navy. Both looking at Google images are very similar with the 3 white ...
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Were 18th century British mariners incentivized to serve aboard fireships?

Strong candidates for my 6th great grandparents are Jeremiah and Mary Smyth who baptised four children at Oxwich, Glamorgan, Wales: 16 Jan 1737, Jeremiah, s. of Jeremiah & Mary Smith 25 Feb 1739, ...
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Italian Navy Records from 1820 to 1840

I am researching about my family tree and I finally found something on my great great great grandfather. I have discovered that he was from Italian Navy posted in Sistre Levante from 1838 to 1842. I ...
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