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For questions about ancestors and records in the country of New Zealand. This includes the period when it was a British colony.

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Finding details about an immigration from England to New Zealand / Australia

Here is a Immigration Certificate: According to the source it says: Departure Date: May 1919 Departure Port: England Ship Name: Prinzessin Destination Port: Auckland, New Zealand I have several ...
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Seeking birth record for Russian who immigrated to New Zealand in 1950s?

I’m trying to track down my grandfather who came to NZ in the 1950’s and was very secretive about his life/family before NZ. I have no idea where he was born but I believe he could have been born in ...
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Finding descendants of British great grand uncle who emigrated to Australia?

From Finding UK record(s) of British great-grandfather with children born in Japan during 1890s? I have received the information of the person with the possibility of great-grandfather. However, I ...
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Are there online ship crew and passenger lists for journeys South Africa to New Zealand?

I am looking for details on an individual surnamed Noye. He possibly was a passenger or crew member from Africa to Tasmania or Africa to New Zealand, in the late 1890s. Are there any online resources ...
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