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Questions tagged [newspaper]

Periodical publication reporting current events in a local area and the wider world and sometimes offering comment and opinion on that news.

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Newspaper archive search for person whose last name is also a common word

This may be an unresolvable question, but I am looking for advice on how to search archives for a person with a surname that is also a common word. Specifically, newspaper archives, etc. in which the ...
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What can I deduce from this newspaper extract?

There is a brief mention of an ancestor in a couple of Staffordshire newpapers: 2 October 1830 DIED John Wright age 24 of Tettenhall late of Kidderminster and formerly of Wolverhampton In 1828 ...
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What newspapers/magazines would people have used in Solloghodmore Ireland around 1850?

What newspapers, magazines, etc would people have used in Solloghodmore/Solloghod-more around 1800-1899? I'm looking for: death notices news stories advertising etc Basically looking for ...
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Finding Obituary from British Newspaper Archive?

I was searching family search for info on John Barclay Ormond and Elizabeth Cook and came across a notice from 1944, which is supposedly an obituary for Elizabeth sourced from the British Newspaper ...
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1882 Local News Item -- What Does "in the shade" Mean?

I have a local news item from the Belle Plaine News, Belle Plaine, Sumner County, Kansas, USA, 4 February 1882 in which it is stated: J. P. Martin has laid several young men "in the shade." For ...
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Context of newspaper article about stolen horse?

I found a newspaper article for my 5x great grandfather, and was hoping someone could help provide some context. The article is from the 15 December 1790 issue of the Carlisle Gazette, in Carlisle, ...
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3 answers

Meaning of "Tuesday last" and "Monday week"?

I'm reading a newspaper article from Friday, 10 Feb 1843, from the Coventry Herald: In the births, marriages, and deaths column, dates are commonly represented as "On the 2nd inst." or "On the 29th ...
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Understanding Adv. abbreviation at end of 1921 Arkansas newspaper notice?

I found the following posted in a Arkansas newspaper in 1921 regarding a family member of mine: NOTICE--I hereby give notice that I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife, ...
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6 votes
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Meaning of "c" notation at end of St Louis obituaries?

The image below is an portion of obituaries from this full page (page 21 of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on 5 Feb 1923). Right aligned on the last line of most obituaries is one of the following: (c) ...
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Can anyone interpret this report of a ship's charter for cargo?

In California Digital Newspaper Collection, there is a 'Shipping Intelligence' report I am trying to understand. It's in "Charters", "Shipping Intelligence", San Francisco Call, 25 January 1896, p.12, ...
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How do I search for a newspaper (instead of a person) on Genealogy Bank?

In trying to answer Determining who died on particular voyage of ship?, I tried searching since I have a paid subscription and wanted to help @JustinY. His question was 'how' so I ...
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Determining who died on particular voyage of ship?

One voyage of the ship William Stetson began the 26th of April, 1855 in Liverpool, England and ended the 27th of May, 1855 in New York. One account of the voyage says: The New York Herald of May 30,...
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7 votes
3 answers

Seeking publication specifics for a 20th century news article (USA)

Charles H. Dillon (1889-1967) worked in different capacities for Western Union in Dallas, Texas. In the 1940s and 1950s, he wrote articles about the telegraph for the Texas Almanac and other ...
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Can I legally copy clippings from

I have found an old newspaper clipping from 1912 on that I would like to print out and distribute. Am I legally allowed to do so, or is the clipping still held under copyright? Does the ...
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