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Questions tagged [norway]

For questions about ancestors and records in the country of Norway. This includes previous political entities within the geographical boundaries of present-day or historic Norway.

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Immigration from Norway: seeking information about 1871 passage from Quebec to the US

This question is similar to Rob Hoare's "Sources for Border Crossings between Toronto and Chicago in early 1890's?" but the circumstances are different. My question concerns immigration 20 years ...
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Quebec City Passenger Lists ... 1865-1900: Devising a scheme to view the first page of a passenger list

I am writing about a Library and Archives Canada collection, "Quebec City Passenger Lists Index 1865-1900." This is a collection of indexed names and digital images said developed from RG 76, the ...
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What happened with this family when they arrived Quebec in 1871?

I am searching for this family who emigrated from Trondheim, Norway to Quebec, Canada 4th March 1871. They arrived Quebec with the ship "Franklin" and I can't find anything more about the family, so I ...
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Route of ships going from Norway to US in 1912

I finally was able to get the name of the ship my great-grandfather traveled to from Norway to Newport News, Virginia. That ship is the Noruega, run by Norway-Mexico Gulf Line, and I am fairly ...
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Translating baptism record from Norway?

Following is a transcribed record for my 2nd Great-Grandmother taken from the Digital Archives of Norway. I believe that I have managed to translate most of the record accurately, but am a little ...
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Norwegian naming conventions

I'm looking for a comprehensive explanation of Norwegian naming conventions, specifically relating to multiple given names and middle names, etc., as opposed to Surnames, patronymics, etc. (even if ...
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