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Questions tagged [numbering]

Refers to the systematic application of letters, numbers or a combination of both to create unique identifiers for each of your ancestors or descendants. Numbering systems are particularly helpful if you have names in your tree that are repetitive (such as multiple John Smiths, etc.)

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Numbering and pedigree collapse

How do genealogical numbering systems (e.g. Henry system deal with pedigree collapse? For example when marriage is between ...
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Information on how to create a text descendancy chart

I often run across 'descendancy charts' --- as plain ASCII text. Mostly of the form: DECENDENTS OF JOSEPH WILLIAM SMYTHE 1 SMYTHE, Joseph William b: 18 Feb 1858 in LA d: 26 Jan 1947 in Cecil, LA ...
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How should I number a lineage/parenthetical lineage list if I haven't yet proven the immigrating ancestor?

In both Register and NGSQ styles, biographies include a lineage or parenthetical lineage list.1 While these can be more complex and the styles have typography requirements, a basic lineage line uses ...
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How can I determine the relation, if any, between two ancestors from their ahnen numbers?

Ahnen numbers, commonly used in ahnenlists and ahnentafels, are easily translated into a description of the relationship of the ancestor to the focus person (number 1). For example, number 24 ...
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How can I number a step-grandfather in Ahnen numbering?

The Sosa-Stradonitz or Ahnen Numbering System is designed to number yourself as 1, your parents as 2 and 3, grandparents as 4 through 7, great-grandparents as 8 through 15 etc. In my case, my father'...
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