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Determine family from obituary

I have a very poorly set up obituary and I need to determine who the 7 children and their families are, but the the way it is laid out and the punctuation are making this quite difficult for me. The ...
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Associating an obituary with a person on Ancestry

This is what the burial and obituary look like in the facts section: The burial and obituary are both linked to the same source entry. The obituary is a custom fact: I have attached the scan of the ...
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Finding Obituary from British Newspaper Archive?

I was searching family search for info on John Barclay Ormond and Elizabeth Cook and came across a notice from 1944, which is supposedly an obituary for Elizabeth sourced from the British Newspaper ...
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Seeking Obituaries for Midland, Texas from 1970s and before?

I am looking for a directory online in which I could view old obituaries from Midland, Texas, USA. There are plenty of places to view recent ones, but where can I view older ones. I am particularly ...
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Meaning of "c" notation at end of St Louis obituaries?

The image below is an portion of obituaries from this full page (page 21 of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on 5 Feb 1923). Right aligned on the last line of most obituaries is one of the following: (c) ...
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Finding obituaries for people who died in Houston, Texas in the 1930s?

Where can I locate an obituary for Bert Newton Long who died July 11, 1935 in Houston, Texas? His grandchild gave me his name, and only knew he died there. All other known relatives know nothing. I ...
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Interpreting Musgrave's Obituaries (for London) from around 1790?

On I found a reference that may be to my 4th great grandfather John Stacy (also discussed in Could John Stacy who lived/married at London and later lived at Exmouth (Devon) have been ...
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