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For questions about ancestors and records in the US state of Oklahoma, including questions pertaining to the period before the state's admission to the US (1907) when it was French and then American territory.

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How can I find out about the Oklahoma Children’s Home (Finding) Society

Searching for records/lists/info from this organization after it moved from Guthrie Oklahoma to Oklahoma City. Anyone know if there is a book or anything about the history of this particular branch of ...
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Missing Enumeration District/Families in the 1920 U.S. Census

Edit: The enumeration district for Kennady Township was 0017 and 40-19. I believe there is an enumeration district that was missed in the 1920 census that contains a few of my ancestors and their ...
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Finding person missed in 1920 census?

My dad was in school at the time of the 1920 census. He was born and lived in Arkansas in 1920. His dad was alone in that one, and his mom was with his sister in St Louis. He was part Cherokee and ...
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Changing birth certificate paternity in Oklahoma, USA?

I believe my father's birth certificate to be incorrect. The man listed as his father was not his father. My father is deceased. The man listed as his father is deceased. His actual biological ...
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Locating additional details on "Thomas Tunin" - b.1836, d.1912

I'm trying to locate the birth location and parents of "Thomas Tunin". I have done extensive Google searches but have so far ended up at a deadend on these particular details. Any suggestions on ...
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Locating parents and siblings of someone born in Oklahoma (1903)?

My grandfather was possibly born in Dewey, Oklahoma. I'm trying to locate his siblings and parents. I've Googled and found the following: Tunin, Robert T. 1903 – 1989 (Grandfather) Tunin, Abbie ...
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