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Questions tagged [panama]

For questions about ancestors or records in the country of Panama. This includes the periods before independence from Spain in 1821, and before independence from Colombia in 1903.

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5 votes
1 answer

Estimating when photo of ancestor who lived 1833-1902 was taken?

This is a photo of my 4th great grandfather Pacifico Vega. He was born on 1833 and died on 1902, living his whole life in Panama. I am not very good at estimating when photos were taken so can ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Finding personnel records for Railway Company in Panama around 1865?

Margaret Elizabeth Sellers was born on 28 Jul 1865 at Tradeston, Glasgow. On her birth certificate (which I have not sighted), the occupation of her father, Robert Sellers (my 3rd great grandfather), ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Finding 1863 birth of John Sellars and death of his father Robert (British subjects) around 1870 in Panama/Colombia?

This question is related to Finding New York City/State records relating to Sellars family (British subjects) births/deaths mid 19th century?. I have a Scottish ancestor, Robert Sellars born 1830, ...
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14 votes
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Obtaining personnel records about Panama Canal without going to Panama?

I have an ancestor whom I've been told helped construct the Panama Canal. I have done some searching online but have not been able to find any personnel records or other data that would help me ...
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