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Can a person confirm paternity by results of a DNA matching service to the father's distant relative?

I am trying to find a way to confirm that the man listed on my birth certificate is my father or not (hopefully not). I have some obstacles, of course, one is that he died in 2011. We were not close (...
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Finding maternal grandfather

All names in the description below have been changed. My mother is going through a crisis because she is afraid my grandfather is not her biological father. She has been diagnosed with type 2 ...
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How to help adoptee find her father without outing him?

I provide a lot of background, which may not all be essential. Feel free to skip to the question. Background I was contacted by a woman who got a 3rd cousin match with me online. She told me that ...
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Changing birth certificate paternity in Oklahoma, USA?

I believe my father's birth certificate to be incorrect. The man listed as his father was not his father. My father is deceased. The man listed as his father is deceased. His actual biological ...
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What records are available that might contain someone’s blood type?

What records are available that might contain someone’s blood type? Blood types can be helpful in determining paternity or non-paternity. Obviously, we would prefer to use DNA tests, but for people ...
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